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Thread: helicopter - Not receiving video to get cash

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    I've not one time since I started playing have I had the option to watch video for tcash but my boyfriends game he's got the option. Also on my game I'm having to pay for things like when I buy a cow she'd I can use coins to buy the shed but then have to use tcash to buy the animals. And I can use coins to buy the factories buy gotta use tcash to buy the box thingys. In just a months time the amount of money I've spent buying tcash I could if bought 3 or 4 ps4 or Xbox games. I don't understand why my game is having me have to pay for almost everything with tcash and not giving me a way to earn any of it like watching videos. But my boyfriends game he earns tcash watching videos and is able to buy everything with coins??? And then I go on my game this morning and find my tcash balance went from 432 to now just 2. I closed the game last night with 432 tcash and open it up a little bit ago and now I've got none.

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    Hi dmvance,

    As regards helicopter ads, it seems some players get a lot, and some of us get them only rarely. I'm in the latter camp too, whether I buy tcash or not.

    Regarding your missing currency, you'd need to contact in-game Support requesting an explanation of where it went. They'll need the technical data that's included automatically in such a ticket to be able to assist.
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    Én sem kapok videót hónapok óta! Nem tudok pénzért venni mindig casht!

    Hónapok óta nem jön videó, állitsdd vissza kérlek
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