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Thread: Barn upgrade supplies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurie8858 View Post
    I hope I’m posting in the right sub forum. I’ve been wondering for awhile now.. Is there a point when you stop upgrading your barn? I need 100 of each item which takes up 300 spots. It makes me wonder if I should stop upgrading & use those spots for something else? I saw something on this a couple years ago & I believe the response was to never stop upgrading. Has that changed? Any thoughts?
    If you think of it in incremental terms or marginal increases in space vs marginal increases in barn tools required, then there’s no real reason to stop upgrading just on the numbers.

    If you accept that a core holding of say 300 tools is needed for barn tools, and always allow that to be allocated for barn tools, then on an incremental basis you require only 3 more tools to get 75 more space.

    There are other ways of looking at it mathematically but that’s one of the simplest which demonstrates in the long run it makes sense to keep increasing

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    Strictly from a slots point of view, each upgrade (at your level) gives you 75 more slots. But the next upgrade will need 1 more of each of the tools. So if you don't use the 300 slots for "stuff" you'll end up with a net of 72 slots for "stuff" and room to save up tools for the next upgrade.
    Yep. It hasn't changed, Laurie. Still worth it and doubtless always will be.

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    One problem with the incremental approach is that you don’t always get those 300 barn tools in nice even orders which is OPs problem.

    So it may take over 300 and there is a variance around the number needed. Mathematically that’s not a key problem though, as the bigger the numbers the more likely the splits are likely to normalize and even out.

    Also let’s say you need to hold 600 instead of 300 because of an imbalance I.e twice as many. Then the increment will be 6 instead of 3 to get 75 more space. So still worth it.

    Another way to think about it mathematically is look at the tools needed as a % of barn space. Ball park 300 are required on 5000 barn space = 0.06 ratio or 6 %

    Ten levels later 300 + 30 (I.e 10x3) are required on 5000 + 750 (10x75). So 330/5750 = ratio of 0.057 or 5.7%

    So the % ofbarn space required for barn tools upgrades continues to decrease. So mathematically is less hassle and no reason to stop

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    To OP

    I would never sell barn tools. They even out and eventuallygo in other directions in the long run. So too many nails now, no hammers, weeks later too many paint no nails.

    Selling to balance is inefficient in the long run for barn tools. You are simply wasting some barn tools to keep a balance. You will not change the number of tools you get. So long run instead of having say 1000 barn tools for use, you may have used only 950 and wasted 50 by selling.

    There’s always other easier obtained things you can sell. Eg crops you can grow, products you can make etc. You can’t though make barn tools.

    Better to help friends and fill orders though btw than sell if you can.

    Barn tools are one of the hardest resources Which you have least control over how to obtain. So keep them and dispose of others instead.

    Other things to do:

    Ensure your not neglecting any area of your game. Eg not sending planes. As unlike trains planes seem to bring stuff you need, and have a different algorithim to trains.

    Consider buying the ones you are short of in the market. If short nails buy them, but don’t buy paint if you have an excess. These can subtlety tweak your balance. Similar for the regatta where you can exachange the task points up to 600. One choice is often a barn
    material. Buy it as a priority if short. Hold off if too many already

    Edit: BTW I am talking only barn tools here. Never sell. They are one of the games crtical resources that are not so easy to control how many you get. Construction materials like slabs, bricks, glass are much easier to come by. Different approach to those. You also often have too many of those to be of use. You will continue to be able to use barn tools for upgrades. I don’t think there is an upper barn limit. But if so that would be the point to stop collecting more
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