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    Just wondering. I've got just 1 more house to build when I hit level 78. The rest are greyed out cos I've reached the limit. Are there any plans to add more houses to the build menu.

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    I don't know which platform you're playing on Johnboy, but for iOS/Android/Kindle there are certainly more houses to build after level 78. And three more added in the most recent update, too! They'll appear on your list of available housing as you complete Community Buildings and increase your population cap.

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    I'm playing the PC version of the game. Maybe it might also happen in the PC game I guess I'll find out when I get there. Only on level 74 and almost 75 so long way to go yet. They don't seem to update the PC version as often.

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    Ahh, yes Windows is some way behind and information that pertains to it hard to come by. Here's hoping!

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    Yes indeed here's hoping

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