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You know, I have been around for five plus years, and I think an interview with our Admin - currently Anna - would be very interesting. How does a Playrix employee get assigned to a particular game? What are the areas you must keep updated - Facebook, Twitter, Forum - etc.? Do you have a team of underlings to assist you? Who is your boss - or who do you directly report to for direction, etc.?

I think, if you’re honest and forthcoming - this would be a fascinating interview. You game, Anna?
What a great idea! I’d love to hear how it is to manage player expectation, questions, and concerns with your responsibilities to playrix. Also do you play and if so for how long? What level is your town? What’s your favorite aspect of the game? How did you get interested in this type gaming community and how did you wind up with playrix?

I also really love player interviews and would love to hear more about Bess and Dread or really any of the players on here that bring positivity to the community.