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Thread: 27.03 Next Interview?

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    27.03 Next Interview?

    Hey, Townshippers!

    Grab your chance to look behind the scenes of the game β€” help us decide on the next candidate for an in-depth interview πŸ’
    Should it be someone from the Township Team, a particular player or a townresident?

    It's up to you, guys! πŸ˜πŸ‘‡

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    I always find the interviews with players interesting Anna. I am sure you can find an interesting candidate to quiz.

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    I think it would be interesting to speak to the person in charge of customer service.

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    LOL, yeah, what JJ said.

    Or the person(s) who try to check on the cheating program part...

    Or the person(s) who decided on the zoo changes and the Tool additions... These two are obviously really driving ppl away, don't you think?

    They should have to answer questions from here, though, and not just talk about their great life in a wonderful environment, where they can do just what they want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    Or the person(s) who decided on the zoo changes and the Tool additions... These two are obviously really driving ppl away, don't you think?
    Trying to drive the developers away too?

    Upset him/her, we might end up with something even more tedious.

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    My vote would be an interview with the rest of our Mods. Course I have still not caught up on my reading here, so hope they all have not been interviewed and I just missed them .

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    You know, I have been around for five plus years, and I think an interview with our Admin - currently Anna - would be very interesting. How does a Playrix employee get assigned to a particular game? What are the areas you must keep updated - Facebook, Twitter, Forum - etc.? Do you have a team of underlings to assist you? Who is your boss - or who do you directly report to for direction, etc.?

    I think, if you’re honest and forthcoming - this would be a fascinating interview. You game, Anna?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetness123 View Post
    My vote would be an interview with the rest of our Mods......
    Me too, I would love the next interviews to be Bess & dread (separately).

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    Personally, I would like more information from the creators of the tool exchange and the zoo changes. At first I was thrilled with the zoo changes, but it seems that I am receiving fewer and fewer cards than I did in the beginning. I quit playing the zoo years ago because it seemed nearly impossible to stay caught up. As soon as the changes were made I was so happy to finally have a chance at building my zoo. Now it is moving so slowly that I have pretty much given up again. The cards are not popping up like they did before. Have you changed the program so players receive fewer cards? Also, the tools are ridiculous. I finally built my Animal Hospital but I need 101 slabs, 32 saw, and 31 jackhammers to finish. The only problem is that you need slabs to buy saws and jackhammers. How to I get all those jackhammers and saws when I'm using much needed slabs? The exchange is not really an exchange. It is more like a lose-lose cycle. Lastly, I just reached level 97 and I received some cotton candy. Really? That's it? Why can't you give something decent to players at higher levels. How about four ships filled with goods from the islands. How about a bag filled with a load of ingots. How about a highly desired decoration, or a treasure chest with a lot of cash. There has to be something you can give players at higher levels when they level up! On a positive note, it really is a fun game and I have enjoyed many hours of play. But there is room for improvement.

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    I'm always interested to hear more about what goes on behind the scenes with the creators, personally. Especially if there are a few glimpses into our future thrown in

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