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Thread: 26.03 Tool Exchange Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    I wonder if there's a subtle distinction between "Under Construction before the Update" and "Completed Construction but waiting for the Final Tools before the Update".

    Didn't I read that somebody had one being built before the update and after the update then required the new power tools (can't find the post at the moment)?
    Yes I wondered too Charlie as I read the post Z has highlighted also. Without any official info from Playrix as far as I know on the subject, it would be interesting to have it confirmed by more players who were under construction/fully constructed at the time of the update.
    That being said I guess in a few weeks it will be a moot point for most players anyway

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    I have the same problem as Idasher26. I need jackhammers for the flower shop but after continually dumping I only get saws and drills. I have never seen a jackhammer appear! Help?

    3/31- never mind. When I leveled up and started construction on the flower shop, suddenly jackhammers started appearing in the exchange. I’m ok with having the exchange btw. My barn is just not big enough for all the building materials and I’m not really focusing much on my zoo. I guess it’s to each their own preference. I never bought the mint.
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    I was hours away from completing my lighthouse when the tool exchange came out. I did choose to start building it right away. When the lighthouse was completed, I could only finish it off with tools which I did not have. Thus I had to wait for the tool exchange to complete and start exchanging for tools. And, I am not getting the building supplies needed for exchanges on the trains. And, those are another issue. For the last couple of weeks I have been needing much larger quantities of items, especially crops that have a long growing time. Or planes and trains needing those same items!

    My lighthouse is still not completed and my progress in the game has slowed to almost a standstill. Best decision I ever made was to not even try to deal with the zoo yet.

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    I agree still waiting to update zoo Enclosures and now my construction materials are all going to get tools. Plarix We understand that you want to make money but if you take the fun out of the game, you will lose people. Every move cannot be about spending real cash or it doesn’t stay a game it just becomes a place to spend money. Please wake up Admin

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    A very bad idea to create an exchange of tools! A lot of tools needed! steam locomotives do not bring 5 day bricks.

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    I have to agree with most everyone here. This tool exchange is awful. You took away the mint which has helped with regatta coin tasks, and replaced it with this exchange. Why did you have to remove one to bring in the other? I’d like the mint back. This exchange needs to be changed or fixed or removed altogether. It makes building twice as hard. It’s difficult enough to get sufficient building materials from thus trains, now we have to collect enough materials just to start earning 10, 15, 20 tools. What were you thinking? There’s got to be a better way to utilized the exchange to help reduce barn storage.

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    There is a list of what you need for community buildings, how about one for what is needed for zoo enclosures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAMB View Post
    There is a list of what you need for community buildings, how about one for what is needed for zoo enclosures?
    On the new wiki site is a list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missy. View Post
    Why, Playrix, did you add new tools to make it even more difficult to finish community buildings???

    I agree, this is a terrible idea. Glad I never made the Mint; are the trains going to be bringing these new items? I hope so, as I don't want an ugly building in my town just to exchange materials!

    This is really upsetting. It seems players who have already completed all of their community buildings got a break?

    So, Playrix, you made the game more grindy for the rest of us?

    Between the Zoo asking for insane amounts of items, and Playrix changed all the pretty decorations so we can no longer make those with bars ... now we must use our precious gems for those buildings, which I use for boosters! -- so I never made all of those pretty buildings with bars, except for the blimp, and now it looks like I never will. And now you want to make the community buildings, which were never a joy to begin with, even more difficult to create by adding new tools?!

    You will do something that is an improvement, like add a new community building, and then take two giant steps back to make up for the one thing you did right.

    Why, Playrix, is it so terribly important for you to take a game that should be FUN, and that I have spent a fair amount of money on, and make it grindy, upsetting, and generally worse??
    Hi Missy!

    Have to agree 100 % here, what you and others say about your frustration and anger about the new exchange/new tools.

    With implementing changes the developers of course never can make it right for everyone.
    But what disturbs me now with the latest changes is they seem deliberately designed to frustrate us and take the fun out of playing. With developing a successful game there always has to be a level of frustration to make one try more, to keep the interest alive. The hard-to-get-factor, if you will. But with the latest changes they seem to overdo this. They seem to be solely concentrated on those hard-to-get-players now, the one's who've seen it all, tried it all, thus easily bored. A certain group of players that they don't feel to have enough of, so they are going after them.
    Well, maybe Playrix will win some of new players this way. But certainly they will lose quite some of the longtime loyal players.

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    I tried to attach this to another comment, but guess I don't know how to do that.
    I agree with the previous post. And it's not only trade once and you have all the tools, you have to trade several times to get all the tools required. I don't like it. I have been saving for enclosures for a while and have 2 that need glass and bricks that I am still waiting for. I can't do both. I don't want to stop playing, but it is beginning to get frustrating. I may have to find another game!
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