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Thread: 26.03 Tool Exchange Guide

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    Unfortunately the tool exchange is essential to complete community buildings because iui t is the only place you can get the new power tools. My problem with the tool exchange has to do with materials. Because of the change for the zoo now using the same building materials there are no SURPLUS building materials to trade. It has come down to having to choose to build the community buildings or the zoo you really cannot have both.

    Playrix you really need to correct this. If you cannot switch back then increase the amount of materials the train brings. Double or even triple the quantity si we will have enough to exchange... please!!

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    I agree, I tried building only one building at a time, but it still takes forever waiting on supplies, and you can't trade anything because you need it for the building your working on or you'll need it for the next one you build. There really is no benefit to doing only one at a time.

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    Hate it never enough 🧱 glass or other things to exchange that’s what I need tried it hate it thought I could exchange stuff with others in coop or friends but that’s not what I discovered it is think it made things much much worse. Now I need them for buildings too sad 😢 let us exchange things with each other instead please please.

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