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    26.03 Tool Exchange Guide

    Hey, Townshippers!

    There's a new Special building in the game — Tool Exchange! Here are some tips on it:

    • Drills, electric saws and jackhammers you get at Tool Exchange are needed to finish Community Buildings (starting from Planetarium). Here’s the full list of all materials required for community buildings above level 60 💪
    • Tool Exchange is the only place where you can get tools for finishing community buildings ⭐
    • If you constructed a building before you updated the game, it stays with the previous requirements ⚒
    • Tool Exchange helps optimize the barn space — you swap extra slabs, bricks and glass instead of storing them 🔧
    • To dump the order you don't want just tap the blue can icon next to the green 'Exchange' button. The next order will appear in 1 hour ⚙
    • An icon with green arrows indicates that Tool Exchange has an order you can complete right away ♻
    • Long-tap the tool or the building material to see how many of those you've already got in the barn 🕵

    Have you already given Tool Exchange a try, guys? Share your feedback or any other questions you still have 📢💬👇

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