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Google translate made 'Pluimvee' into Poultry
Maybe a better word is Plume cattle???
I didn't think the translation was wrong - I'm just giggling for what all there are "associations", official groups. Well, in a town with such a focus on chickens, it's probably simply normal. For me, living close to a big city, all grey stone, and the only visible animals being barking dogs, it's bizarre+funny

And it was Anne who tolf me it was an Egg that golden thing <ei>opener to me
ei-opener, LOL, for me that would open an egg *g* (we're in the middle of language-mixtures again)
well, if Anne said it we believe it, of course - did she have a book about the town, maybe?
(no wonder they have to explain it there! *g* Holes and little somethings "on top" is not what I know as an egg!)