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Thread: Overview for the items needed to help friends (train, airplane, zoo)

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    Overview for the items needed to help friends (train, airplane, zoo)

    Hi there,
    I'd like to have a list like for the zoo tasks for help requests for trains/zoo/airplane from friends ( like when you don't have to enter the zoo and can check out the needed items).
    I saw in the frequently requested wishs list the wish to have a green icon when you've got the needed items. I liked that also.

    But for me and my (terrible) memory, it would be really great to have a summary

    I tried to create an image with what I was thinking about (with to different ideas how it could look)


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    Well thought out. I like what you've done with it.

    Q: If someone is requesting three crates of say 24 carrots in each, would it show Carrots x72 or would it show the icon three times with the 24?

    The only other complication I see is multiple requests. 3x plane, 3x train, 3x zoo (or potentially 6x zoo or more, dependent upon when in your day you make your request).

    It could be a longer list than the screen allows for.
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    I would say every task should be an individual slot, so the numbers don't get combined. (and you can see if you've got enough to help.

    And maybe if there are more than 6 requests only the 5 newest are shown and the last one is a "+" to show that there's more.

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    That's a wonderful idea, It'd save so much time jumping between towns to help 👻

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    An here two other thoughts:
    1. The Profilepicture could be smaller, so there could be more than 6 items in the list. (or maybe no profile picture, just the name for the request tab)

    2. And if there are more than 6 requests the last icon could indicate, if you've got enough resources to help with at least one of the requests that are not shown. Like a red or a green "+" (but I saw in another post, that red and green shouldn't be used, so colorblind players don't have problems)
    So maybe like with the other information windows - red an black.

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    Add feature to see what friends need without going into their town

    Many times I have gone in to help friends only to realize that the item they need is something not in my barn but in one of the factories that I have not claimed due to barn space. To help them currently, I have to go into their town to see what they need. Go back to my town to get the item out of my factory and then back to their town to help them. If there was a way or a master list to say this friend needs _______ items instead of just the exclamation point it would make game play less cumbersome.

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    Exactly what I was thinking - and I've heard this quite a few times - would be great if we could get something like this.

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    I would love a collaborative list of everyone's "ask friend for help". So much time is wasted visiting others' towns, then zoo, to see if you have what they need.

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