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Thread: Under Maintenance I can't play

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    Under Maintenance I can't play

    Hi I love playing homescapes but the game is under maintenance yesterday night
    maintenance begin on 24 march 2019 why I can't play today he said (error retry sometime )
    I playing with Google Chrome Web on Facebook

    Maintenance error.jpg

    3 days I can't play please answer me to fix it
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    I have been getting this too. any answers as to why or how to fix it??

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    Really tired of this maintenance thing, 4 days of it! I pay money for stuff and I can't play!

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    Same problem here. And except for the first form letter response I have not gotten a reply to my reports/

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    Same problems the past 2 days

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    I have had this issue for 3 days now When will this end

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