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Thread: Under Maintenance Error

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    I won again today and still there is a technical maintenance error and I am told to try again. I do not get a star and cannot do anything within the game.

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    I'm getting maintenance errors every few minutes if I leave the game idle for a bit. This is really annoying. Fix it already.

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    Same thing happening to me. Super tired of it.

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    I hope you all have reported it ingame also? It's described here and scroll down there for the advice how to report, if you cannot access your game. Good luck!

    Google translate (but looks right *g*) for MissCocotte:
    J'espère que vous l'avez tous signalé en jeu également? Il est décrit ici (en Anglais) et faites défiler vers le bas pour savoir comment signaler si vous ne pouvez pas accéder à votre jeu. Bonne chance!

    p.s. (for dreadnought?): Just saw here this happened before. Not recognizable how it turned out, or whether it is again a certain OS-problem. Or maintenance problem ;p
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    I'M having this problem today 6/19 is there a fix my daugthers can play with no problem.

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