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Thread: Where are the animal cards?

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    Where are the animal cards?

    I have level 152 and have not received an animal card in the game since the last up date. I don't do anything with the zootasks because I find the numbers ridiculous and don't sail in the regatta. The faqs indicate that I also receive animal cards with the planes. hol and treasure chests of the ships. Send 2 or 3 planes a day and do about 2 times the hol but no cards. The first cards I received was in the event. Do more high levels have this problem?

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    Hi Macha. The only animal cards I get in regular game play are from filling Zoo tasks. I send 3 planes a day - never get animal cards. I play the HOL several times a day and do not even see animal card decks in any of the chests, not just the one I chose. And, so far, nothing in the Regatta prizes either.
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    Hi Nana. It seems that if you had all the animals in the zoo before the up date, there is a blockage on the cards.The people who were still collecting animals for the up date will get them at plane, hol ect. Perhaps they have forgotten to remove that blockade with the new up date so that we do not get the animal cards in play as the faqs indicate.

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    I got a lot of cards from various sources when the new zoo was first introduced. My zoo was at quite a low level at that point.

    Now I only ever find them in event or regatta rewards, and that rarely. It seems that the fewer cards I still need, the rarer they become.

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