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    Γιώργος Κονοβαλιώτης

    Re: Co-Op Information Edit

    I'd like to know why can't we change out Co-Op's name. My uncle is the leader of one and we were looking why can he not change it. We saw that the Co-Op's name is not able to change...
    Could we change that or maybe do something like:
    "The change can be changed once in a month" or something like that, or seasonally (Regatta Season).
    I don't know, we just want to change the name... And it would be bettee to do that because spending 1000 to create a new co-op and loosing the regatta League...

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    Hi Georgetown,

    Your suggestion is already on the List of Frequently Suggested Ideas, which you can see here.

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    Γιώργος Κονοβαλιώτης
    Oh, I didn't notice, you may lock the thread, or even delete it. Thanks Bessville.

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