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Thread: Should we expect a new community building with each update now?

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    Should we expect a new community building with each update now?

    I just finished building the animal hospital, after building and using the Tool exchange.

    Will there be more CBs with each update, or did I just use my tool exchange for the first and last time?

    With being at level 93, I actually enjoyed the new challenge of exchanging building materials for tools, but only because I had a surplus of materials after being finished building CBs for so long.

    I can understand why it would be frustrating for anyone who was still working their way through building and having to decide what to prioritize to use the materials for.

    Anyway, anyone else hoping for more CBs to make use of the Tool exchange?😀

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    I wouldn't expect new buildings to be a regular occurrence. This seems to be something that will have much more impact to those at lower levels and new players.

    I'm quite certain that there will be more buildings for higher level players over the course of time, but with each update? Not a chance. That would mean the developers would also have to add more fields for each update and I really don't think that is going to happen either.

    Keep your fingers crossed though.

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    I’m worried there will be lots more community buildings on the way, otherwise why introduce the horrendous new tools???
    I HATE the new tools, I had all my building materials lined up to build a new zoo enclosure, then the vet hospital comes along. So I figured I will use the materials for that instead. Then I find out I will need to use the building materials to get an ungodly amount of new tools. So now it’s an endless circle of trying to get new tols, running out of materials, and I’ve given up on the zoo enclosure.
    I have animals up the wazoo, all waiting for enclosures I can’t build.
    Not enjoying the game as much as I used to.

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