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Thread: Stuck in dream

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    Stuck in dream

    I’m stuck where Austin is dreaming and his parents says they’ll “always be there for him” then they just stand around looking at each other. For HOURS now. I close the game and restart it and it automatically puts me back in the dream. No choice to “contact support” or anything else. I’ve checked multiple times for updates on the game to no avail. VERY frustrating!

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    In the cases where you can't access the games' settings, you can use this online form to send a message to support. Give them all the details about what you've tried so far, and it would be helpful if you can attach a screenshot of where the game is stuck.
    Good luck!
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    Reinstall Kathrine is missing

    Hey Sweetnessjen- re install the app. In that scene in that scene Austin, his mom and dad and his friend... Kathrine is missing that is why its hanging up...

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