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Thread: Move hints are WAY too fast!!

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    Thumbs up Move hints are WAY too fast!!

    Please allow player time to find/plan/make a move BEFORE SHOWING A HINT. Maybe even make a "request hint"option. It is extremely frustrating to be shown a "hint" before having enough time to choose and make your OWN move decision!

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    Of course, you don't have to follow these hints, but they also get on my nerves. They should come much later and there should be a way to turn them off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Falls View Post
    ... there should be a way to turn them off.
    This would be the option i would love to see!!
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    Will Playrix ever listen to us? Change this nonsense now! I don't need a stupid hint two seconds after the latest move is done. And I don't want this constant movement in front of my eyes.

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