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Thread: Town didnt link up!

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    Town didnt link up!

    I had to reinstall some software and when I reinstalled Township and went through the tutorial, when I signed into Facebook it didn't offer me to link to my town! I have TONS of time and effort put into my Town, not to mention I spent real $$.

    I followed the guideline here and removed the access to the game and now facebook acts like I am a new account!

    This is the ONLY game that did not come back too!

    My game ID on Facebook is 109005896909706

    My Town is named Joat Mon and I really want it back!

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    Do you know if others can still see your old town?
    You will have to send a report from your new game, give as many details about your old town - invite code if you know it, co-op tag, level, town name, amount of coins/tcash, etc. - and ask them if they can retrieve it. If it wasn't replaced by your new town (since you didn't get the option to choose), it should still be accessible.
    Good luck!
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