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Thread: New Ad for Slots Won't Close after playing

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    Playing on Win10, having the same problem. Reported the problem, with screen shot, a couple days ago. I'm sure they'll answer soon.

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    I am having the same issue as are a few others in my co-op. I am using Windows 10 as well on my Surface NoteBook 2. This has been going on day 3 for me. I sent a detailed error report 2 days ago from the in-game option. No answer or resolution as of yet. I do try throughout the day to click on the "director" to see if it has been fixed and NOPE, no luck. This is/was a great way to earn $$ and coins and now it is hindering/slowing down the game play. I hope it is resolved soon. I am following this thread to see if there becomes any solution.

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    Well no longer having this video freeze up. However, I have not had the option to watch any vidoe/advertisement to earn $$. Any updates from other players who have had this issue?

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    I just checked for the first time today, the Director isn't there. He's usually available at least twice per day....

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    Good day, my director is not giving me anymore ads to watch when I open my helicopter pad this has been going on for 5 days now, Please how do I get it back? My town name is ***REINERS ON SEA*** My Co-Op is AAA Tag #PUV445 My profile number to invite friends is Z3HNU2, I play on Windows 10 platform. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I love this game and that is how I earn Townshup cash, now I am struggling because I don't have money to buy Township cash. PLEASE I beg you help me on this issue. Kind Regards, Tanja.
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    Sane here NO ADS for 5 days straight waiting for answer or resolution on how to fix it, Regards Tanja

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    I wonder how wide spread this situation is?

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