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    "First Place Your Priority Buildings"

    I want to replace smaller houses with larger houses to save room in my town because it's BOOMING with buildings, but I've run out of room to build more. Why can't I do this? I thought if I bought a larger house and took away a smaller house, the city's population would even itself out.

    But when I try to put a smaller house into storage, it tells me to place my priority buildings.

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    That message appears when you try to place in storage Special buildings (foundries, lab, town hall, etc), Community Buildings, Houses or Factories. The only thing that you can store and leave in storage are decorations.

    While in edit mode, you can temporarily place everything in storage, until you move things around, but you cannot leave them there. To save a new layout, you'll have to put back somewhere in town the buildings mentioned above.

    As a workaround of sorts, you can sell the houses you don't want right now, but your population will decrease. You can always buy them again and rebuild them when you need a certain amount of population.
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