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Thread: New CB Building Materials List

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    so why do you need the power tools for

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    so the only way to get bricks/slabs/glass is trains????

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch71 View Post
    so the only way to get bricks/slabs/glass is trains????
    Nope, Bricks, Slabs, and Glass also appear as rewards in various chests in the game (HOL, Mine, Ocean, Events, Regatta, etc) and can also be awarded as part of the "Full Plane" bonus (which, as I now notice, appears as a chest on the plane loading window).

    As far as anyone can tell, the new power tools do not show up anywhere other than the actual Tool Exchange.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch71 View Post
    so why do you need the power tools for
    The power tools are needed to build the Community Buildings that are unlocked starting with level 60 (see list in first post in this thread). If you have your CBs already completed, you'll need them only for the Animal Hospital, the last CB that was introduced with the latest update.
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    Bene! Io ho costruito tutti gli edifici per la comunità. A cosa mi serve ora il nuovo edificio ferramenta?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
    As far as i know, the power tools can be obtained only by exchanging them at the tool exchange building. We won't be able to find them anywhere else, like we can find bricks, slabs and glass.
    We are forced to build this building in order to make any community buildings? I resent that Playrix did this. It seems like a move to make it more grindy for players. As if this game is not difficult enough already. I wish I had not spent money recently on the game and supported them.

    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    AND we exchange these tools with the same materials (bricks, slabs, glass) that we need for the town AND the zoo.

    Really, a penny for your thoughts, Playrix. I would have liked a convincing explanation, for once, else one can't argue/discuss much with those who suspect money-grabbing, and only that...
    so, definitely not more than a penny.
    Money grubbing. No other explanation. I didn't even realize what they had planned, and now, at level 59, I am stuck if I want to make any new community buildings (level 60 and over), having to build this ugly new building, just to create new community buildings.

    I think, for me, it may be time to start looking for another game. I have loved THIS game, despite its flaws, until this. We did NOT need new tools! We do not need a special building just to make three new types of tools! I am so upset.

    I also wish many of their community buildings weren't so freaking ugly. So now I am supposed to want to grind to get these special tools just to build the music venue? Hahaha! I don't think so.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gerry’s Peaceful Valley View Post
    Wish this all woul$ of came with a better explanation! I thought we were trading for more building materials such as glass and bricks instead of trading bricks in for power tools! I just lost materials I needed in the zoo by trading for power tools I did not need! A better explanation would of help save me these building materials. Also it says if you don’t like offer you can delete and new offer will come up in a few minutes...should say you have to wait an HOUR to get another option!
    ^^This. On top of forcing three new types of building materials, which may help super advanced players with advanced zoos but won't help most of us with many community buildings left to build, on top of all of this, they have it so it isn't even a set exchange ... if we don't like what we see, come back in an hour?? Delete an offer and get a new offer? This is beyond ridiculous. But the most ridiculous thing of all is needing six different types of tools for community buildings.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gerry’s Peaceful Valley View Post
    I do not see how this switch even still need to collect a huge amount of items to purchase buildings.
    I do not think this is the request people were asking for. How is this solving the storage problem with storing all these items in the barn?
    It doesn't help. Playrix didn't listen to the players. It doesn't help at all; just makes it even more grindy! I am beside myself. SIX TYPES of tools now needed to complete community buildings? Playrix has officially lost its mind.
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    What is the exchange rate? There should be a set exchange rate.

    How many of each power tool do we get for glass, bricks and slabs?

    The Planetarium was going to be 32 glass, 24 bricks and 39 slabs.

    Now it will require 30 bricks, 8 drills and 5 saws.

    But how many glass will it take to get one drill? Or one saw?

    How many slabs will it take to get one drill or one saw?

    They should have just made a separate zoo system entirely if this is where they were headed. Those of us who haven’t finished community buildings should not have to build a special required building just to finish our community buildings. And the exchange rate should be set, and known. I read someone had to delete an offer and wait an hour. What?! I hope that isn’t the case! This idea is a disaster IMO. It is worse for players who have not completed most buildings.

    Whoever thought this up doesn’t realize that most players never visit the forum and most will not weigh in with opinions on barn space.

    I hope the devs don’t form their entire update strategy based on forum opinions as that would not represent most players. At first I thought the update was great since I could see more of my town, but I did not know about the new building and the changes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by missy. View Post

    I hope the devs don’t form their entire update strategy based on forum opinions as that would not represent most players. ...
    I wish they would do that more, instead of discussing changes just among themselves.
    There are quite some good - and more urgent - suggestions here.
    And, what they made of some wishes...shaking my head.

    And btw, there is also their Facebook stuff...

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    This is worse than before. So, not only do I have to collect the materials needed to exchange for the of tools required, but on top of that u want me to also exchange materials that I’m trying to save up and collect in order to exchange for the tools as well. For example: The building requires 90 bricks, 30 drills and 25 Jacks. Majority of the time the tool shed asks that I exchange bricks and glass or bricks and plaster. So, I have to burn “X” amount of bricks to exchange for tools and then try continue to collect the required amount of bricks needed OR I try to delete and swap a different tool exchange which I have to wait an hour, and most of the time it still comes back with trading in the bricks. SMH That’s taking me longer to save up to complete my building. Your doubling the work. This is in no way better for ur players. I’d rather have it the old way.

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    The tool exchange is a CURSE, not a blessing.

    Expect many more newer players who reach level 60 to quit playing, Playrix. Was that what you were aiming for ???
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