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Thread: New CB Building Materials List

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    Personally, I think the tool exchange suks. The "random" algorithm's isn't as random as "they" would have you believe. And whoever came up with the game color splash should be fired. It's total garbage.
    I've only been playing TS for about 5 months now. Up to now, except for the last month, I have enjoyed playing. In my opinion, what the Dev's should consider doing is making a separate site or building for construction materials, especially if they are going to require the ridiculous amounts just to fabricate one CB or ZI.

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    Thanks a lot for telling us about that....Are the new materials will be available as prizes in events.

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    Are these materials in a different version of the game. I play on my PC and have not seen some of these things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hman49 View Post
    Are these materials in a different version of the game. I play on my PC and have not seen some of these things.
    Yes, the Tool Exchange special building and the new tools were introduced on the mobile versions (Android, iOS, Kindle) and MAC. The Windows version doesn't have it yet, it will likely be introduced there too with future updates.
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    "I do not see how this switch even still need to collect a huge amount of items to purchase buildings.
    I do not think this is the request people were asking for. How is this solving the storage problem with storing all these items in the barn?"[/QUOTE]

    I agree with you Gerry. Even though I have my zoo and building done, I hate to dump all building material to increase barn space because Playrix will undoubtedly add more zoo enclosures and buildings. It would be more helpful if the tool exchange was eliminated and building materials and expansion tools were kept in a separate place like ore. I am responding a year after this post because I want to add it particularly important during the "double train load" that we not have to waste this opportunity by needing to dump our double material to keep barn space in line when the barn expansion is eliminated next week. How about a couple of expansions so we can utilize double tools before the end of the professor's experiments.?

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