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Thread: Cant Advance to Lunar New year

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    Cant Advance to Lunar New year

    Have my stars but keep getting message I need 2 more.

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    You need to go back to each of your aquariums, click on it, and make sure it shows 3 stars. You’re probably short in at least one of them. On the screen where you see 4 at a time, it may look like you have all 3, but you may be a tiny bit short, so you need to actually click on it, and see for sure. (It happens to us all!)

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    If you find out you are short in two tanks make a note of how much you had to spend to get the stars back.

    This happens because Playrix adjusts the beauty point value for things we already hav in our tanks and they don't tell us.

    Submit a request through the game to tech support and ask that they reimburse you for the coins you had to spend they usually do.

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