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Thread: Timed level 3787

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    Timed level 3787

    Never thought to take a screenshot,

    U hav to open at least four canvas areas; I opened the lower two (largest) by making matches to untie the rope;

    And then I used the hammer twice to clear dirt away from the largest bomb and then exploded the bomb to free up the other bombs and open the other canvas areas.

    I could never clear the dirt from the bombs the normal way so I just hit one twice with the hammer. Doing that I was able to explode that bomb and the other bombs and finish the level.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yeah, that's a tough level . I'm stuck there, but don't have any hammers, and I havn't spent a penny to buy anything playing the game, so I'll see what the midnight clam fairy brings me. Good advice though.

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