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Thread: 21.03 The Newest Update is LIVE

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    Quote Originally Posted by EEE Town View Post
    Has anyone answered this concern in another thread? It’s driving me nuts this scroll issue.
    Yep, Admin answered in this same one, here

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanR53 View Post
    I did ask, but so far no further response from them. Maybe still having support issues.
    now it is so long ago, that I had to go back and look what the question/concern was *g*
    I'm inclined to believe rather they have no boilerplates yet to answer your question
    I do hope you didn't give them an idea by asking about something they didn't think of before, lol!
    (the decision then would be different than your opinion, I'm willing to bet )

    seriously, it would really help to know whether a price change there is intentional or not, so "we" could stop asking and reporting. Please, keep reminding them for the answer, by replying there every few days (no new ticket!).

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    I am all for visible tasks, however the changes are extreme, PLUS we seemed to have lost the use of scrolling in ALL areas (Barn, Comments, Assisting other Members AND the Marketplace. My game has been running much slower since the update, taking much longer to transition from one screen to another, etc. Not liking the big fonts and pictures, compared to the loss of function.

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