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Thread: 21.03 The Newest Update is LIVE

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    A little disappointed with the latest update.

    I am somewhat happy with the new update; however, I don't like the friends in need of help always going back to the beginning of the list, and I don't like the tool exchange. I was hoping to get a chance to buy or exchange products for glass board, brick, etc., to use at the zoo. I think it is going to be a long time before I get the supplies I need to finish the habitats. It's very disappointing.

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    Sorry, but this update is not what the people wanted. We have to spend More money on slots, very slow working exchange tool, ridiculous amount of materials needed for exchange tools,...
    Together with the new zoo (thanks NOT for having me spending tons of ingots to improve the shops and eliminating them with the update) , way too expensive and useless factories in the past months with no more fields and barns = a long year player will delete this game.
    It is no more fun, only if you are willing to spend much money you can have a normal town
    Thanks for years of fun, but this is no more fun for me, so good bye!

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    I have to agree the tool exchange is a disappointment. Why are we exchanging building materials for tools? Building materials are too important. My last zoo enclosure needed 126 bricks and 126 slabs. Now for the animal hospital I need 101 slabs plus new tools which need building materials to make. I was hoping to exchange shovels, saws and axes, which, at least to me are totally useless.

    On the other hand, the game is about time management and problem solving. It wouldn’t be fun if it were easy.

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    Building the community buildings is going to take an extreme amount of time now. Needing 5-7 materials per tool, with the animal hospital needing 63 tools means that you’ll need well over 300 building materials just to get the tools needed let alone the 101 slabs. This is going to make advancing in the game terribly slow for even daily players and if you are just a casual player I can see this being prohibitively awful.

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    The one benefit I can find in regard to the new tool exchange is that it alleviates the barn space problem somewhat for everyone not finished with all their community buildings. For example: the bank (community building). Previously, you would need 315 barn spaces to hold all the supplies to build it out. Now you can exchange supplies you don’t need for the new tools and you only need 154 barn spaces to hold what you need to finish it out.

    The bank before:
    Glass - 109
    Bricks - 93
    Slabs - 113
    Total - 315

    The bank now:
    Glass - 95
    Drills - 32
    Electric saws - 27
    Total - 154

    There’s a silver lining to the dark cloud.

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    Por primera vez creo estoy, en este. Foro, pero debo decir que gusto como se ve la ciudad, es más ágil la ayuda en el zoo.

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    Is there anyway to go back to the previous version? The IOS platform
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    Quote Originally Posted by NikoelC View Post
    Is there anyway to go back to the previous version? The IOS platform
    No, you can neither avoid updating your game nor revert to an older version.
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    What a disappointing update. You’re not giving us new challenges, you’re just making the old ones more difficult. You’ve shown very little imagination. And now we’re just filling up the barn with more building materials. I’m not sure where you get your ideas from but I’d suggest you ask a focus group of players before you launch something as you are not getting it right. ☹️☹️

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoEggs View Post
    The bank now:
    Glass - 95
    Drills - 32
    Electric saws - 27
    Total - 154
    But to get these tools, you just leave a LOT of building materials in that tools exchange building.

    And f.e. for the Animal Hospital, you then need additional 100+x slabs.

    Not to forget that you need that same material - glass, slabs, bricks - for the zoo enclosures, the last few in amounts of about 170, 180, 190 and 200-something -- x 2.

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