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Thread: Goodbye and thank you!

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    Goodbye and thank you!

    Well after five years I have deleted the game and don’t plan on returning.

    I want to thank of all you here who answered my questions, gave me ideas and support.

    I did enjoy the game and community but the game is changing in ways that no longer give me pleasure. So thanks everyone and enjoy!

    Town: Lavinia Springs,
    Alina Winterberry signing out!

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    Oh that's sad Alina . I admired the way you created your town exactly how you wanted rather than getting every new thing available. I hope you find something you can enjoy again.
    Wishing you all the best, Downton

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    I feel you. Enjoy the free time you’ll have not playing a game!

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    Hi Alina... I feel your pain too. I never thought I would feel this way. I really feel bad for the "newbies," as with this new update it will be almost impossible for them to advance unless you have a "beyond normal patience level," or willing to spend tons of TC. It's sad really, never thought I would live to see this type of change. The zoo is confusing and not very useful anymore (IMO), and I was shocked to find that even if I used TC to speed up this new CB, that it would cost me over 2,000 TC. It will be a long time before I even reach the "one" patch of new land. I also found it VERY irritating that we get two new zoo enclosures but NO new land at zoo... So, sorry to be so negative since I never post anymore, but this update is a real "stink-a-roo."

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    Alina, so sorry you decided to leave the game. I know this latest update was your last straw. Wish you only the best! Enjoy all your free time and please keep us updated here about your life without TOWNSHIP. Xoxo

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    I’ve only been playing for a year now and the last couple of updates just keep making things more difficult.
    People are losing interest and tired of spending so much money on tcash. I have no doubt there will be many leaving for the very same reason.
    Hope you find a better game that brings you joy again.

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    I feel your pain Alina. This update is ridiculous. One land expansion. You must increase your Township population by 1049 people. Three more houses to do that ,total cost 64,900 coins. And then of course there is no place to add the three houses . The other thing I paid good money for the mint, and used it several times a week. So Playrix decided to take it Away?? I’m not sure how I feel about the trading building because I have to build it before I am able to see how much money that will cost. The fun and adventure of the game becomes diminished daily. Playrix makes the requirements for regatta tasks more and more outrageous. They won’t remove cheating teams out of a regatta immediately and it results in honest teams dropping down leagues. Sadly the greed of both Playrix and cheating teams makes the game unpleasant and stressful. I enjoy a lot of the new zoo features,but I resent the fact that we lost the ability to sell from the zoo for coin task. Again it’s just diabolical greed and no real interest in your players,except for their wallets. I’m losing interest in the game and I may be exiting soon myself. Good luck all.

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    I’m getting pretty twitchy as well. Township isn’t even fun anymore. Deleting the Township App will sure free up a lot of back-up space on my Cloud.
    Same thing with Homescapes, which is a chore anymore. My plane hasn’t even left in the current event. It’s not about skill in events, but how much money you have in your wallet, especially on the final day.
    I have found a game that is quite amusing in the story-lines and is so relaxing and enjoyable, I don’t know why I even bother with the Playrix games...
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    I’ve sent this latest post to the makers. Doubting they’ll do anything. So I will be leaving soon I think ........Hi I’ve been playing this game for 5-6 years. It’s now really silly. I dread to think how much I’ve spent buying money. The zoo is now no fun and the quantities unrealistic. You also get asked for similar things at the same time. Like 2 or 3 things at once with milk ... I find the train and the aeroplane are also asking for huge quantities. Now these tool swaps mean its taking a lot longer to build !! You either have to wait days to fill the requests or pay money to finish early. I’ve seen the forums and many people agree with me. I’m finding I am not enjoying it so much. I have left the regatta as that’s the same. ... unrealistic quantities meaning I was buying township money to get through the regatta. So I had a choice .. stop playing and waste all of my efforts and money or continue ... I will continue but refuse to buy any more cash. I hope others will follow or you reduce the quantities. I’ve been told before it’s a computer random choice for items ... but you surely write the programme ! Please don’t respond with an answer which is generated for a problem. Which clearly shows your not bothered about your players. Address the issue before you lose us

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    Hi all

    I will be leaving very soon also, with playrix not supporting my favorite way of playing (computer) I just don't like it in a tinny screen. the tasks are getting so hard you have to use TC to get them done. You can also see how things are changing in general that more and more TC is needed and there are making more ways to buy it..

    Oh well,
    Thanks for having me.

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