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Thread: Building woes

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    Building woes

    Maybe this has been answered and I just missed it. Does expanding affect the population needed for factories?

    The reason I am asking is that it seems like each time I expand, the population needed to build a factory increases. At the moment, I know that the required population changed on what was needed when the jam factory became available. It happened again on the candy factory.

    I am getting frustrated because I am getting orders for things I can't make yet, it is taking me sometimes almost two weeks to build one factory. I can't work on two community buildings at a time, but I am being required to sometimes build three community or special buildings, and at least two houses in order to build the next factory.

    Being forced to turn down orders affects my ability to compete in regattas. I can't afford to buy t-dollars, so I have to save them for the merchant, but I can buy only one item at a time, and then its an hour before He is available again as you know.

    It seems to be expanding is upping the population needed, but I am not sure that is why the requirements sometimes change. It took me three weeks to be able to build the candy factory, now I have been trying for two weeks to get the Mexican restaurant built, and I still need the furniture and shoe factories. Slow trains that don't always bring the needed materials, and the large amounts needed, is not helping.

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    My first piece of advice is to upgrade your trains to 50% faster as soon as you can. Then they come every 2 hours and change as opposed to four hours.

    Make sending them out a priority, so that they bring you back supplies.

    Only start building one thing at a time so that the train algorithm doesn't get thrown off.

    Township is definitely a game of patience. Just enjoy the ride because I don't think we will ever be "done."

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