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Thread: Gardenscapes has forced stop on Blue Stack 4

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    Gardenscapes has forced stop on Blue Stack 4

    I played the Gardenscapes on BlueStack 4 normally, no error and no slow. But after 1 time I restart my laptop and open BlueStack again to play Gardenscapes, game was very slow, lag and i can't play, at that time I was using OpenGL mode then i has switched to DirectX mode and I saw game start very fast. But when it loading 50%, it has forced stop and auto close (just Gardenscapes. Homescapes still working normally). I have the following conclusions:
    1. Earlier, i used OpenGL mode. Both 2 games (Garden and Home) works well on Bluestack 4
    2. When experiencing slow and lag phenomenon (with both games), i switched to DirectX mode.
    3. With DirectX mode. Games working fast and no lag. But Homescapes still working normally and Gardenscapes has forced stop when loading 50% (can't play this game)
    4. If i switch to OpenGL again, they will slow down and lag.
    Pls support me. Thanks.
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