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Thread: Hoping somebody can help me.

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    Hoping somebody can help me.

    I am in a Regatta where there are 6 Russian Coops, they had all scored 69120 points within 3 hours of the Regatta start. One of them only has 18 members so this score is impossible.

    I reported this immediately as did several members of my Coop. This sort of cheating needs to be stamped out as it spoils the fun for the rest of us. Today I got a response from support. The message told me to update the app and this would sort out my problem.
    Do Township not take cheating seriously? If they do, how can I get support to fix this? Please help.

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    Township takes cheating seriously. I can only assume playrix was telling you to download the latest version to accurately display the correct score/number of players.

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