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Thread: Extra beauty points? Check tanks

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    Extra beauty points? Check tanks

    Hi after the update I noticed that several tanks had extra beauty points.

    I usually cut it so close if I remove one thing from a tank I lose the third star.

    In the Fair, Venice, and Lunar New Year tanks (all complete before the update) I could remove several things from each and not lose the third star.

    As if beauty points for things in the tank had been adjusted up, or as if total required for the third star was lowered.

    I was able to move quite a few things to other tanks I am working on and keep all my stars.

    You may want to check by removing things until you lose the third star, then click on the beauty star counter to see how many points you actually need to get the third star back.

    Of course I could check tomorow and everything will be different again but I just thought I would let you all know.

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    Thank you! This is true. And I don't understand logic. I don't see the reason for the increase in aquarium beauty points. I could barely clean the Farm - I had to sell almost all the fish and move almost all the decorations. I could not clear the pirate ship. I quit Hawaii. Too many extra points. And I have a lot of aquariums. It's exhausting. It's a shame that I cleaned all the aquariums before the last update.

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    You’re right! I went out and removed a lot - at least from some of the aquariums. I could really clear out France and US, but those don’t seem to have changed. But I was able to clean quite a few up.

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    Xona hi-- just to clarify u don't hav to sell ur fish u can store them just like u store decorations. U tap on them and then the net that shows up. Depending on the type of fish they will either be stored with all the fish (first in the list) or with the voucher fish.

    If u can pull quite a bit out of a tank and put it in storage for use in another tank u r saving urself coins in the long run. Maybe work on one tank instead of feeding friends' fish. I start w big items (high cost) and as I get closer to getting the star I try to find the right thing w just the right amount of beauty points.

    Good luck!

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    Hello, Hello. I just have nowhere to put the extra fish from the initial tanks. It costs too little to keep it in an aquarium that requires 200,000 points. When a new one opens, if I don't have enough funds for a full set of 9 fish for it, I take the fish (temporarily) from the first aquariums, then transplant it back. So, I did some research and found out what happened to the extra points of beauty.!! They changed the value of the voucher fish!!! two or three times!!! So if you have a special fish purchased before the upgrade and your aquariums have an overabundance of points.
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    Make a table
    with the value of all special fish and the value of points before and after the upgrade.IMG_20190323_091213.jpg

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    Wow Xona thank you so much!!!!!

    It makes much better sense now and of course the tanks where I found extra were ones I had character fish in.

    Why couldn't Playrix tell us this and they could take credit for making a positive change???? Did they not want us to know? Grrrrrrr.

    Also I believe they adjusted values up of the 2017 Christmas decorations. I checked that tank and had plenty of extra-- unless it was a Christmas fish that did it. Now let me go back and check your list!!!!

    Again wow thank you so much.

    Again I wish we could pin things in this forum so all could read.

    Maybe repost your list as a new thread with a new title???
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    Yes! That makes sense, as dandelion said! I wish I had put special fish in a few more of my aquariums now, some are just too stuffed! But how did you get a hold of all those values? Had you kept track of them or just find them on the internet somewhere. Amazing!

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    I haven't checked facebook lately; Playrix / Fishdom really needs to inform players and even take credit for doing this,

    But they need to tell everyone via social media.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dandelion View Post
    I haven't checked facebook lately; Playrix / Fishdom really needs to inform players and even take credit for doing this,

    But they need to tell everyone via social media.
    Via these Forums...........

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