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Thread: 17.03 St. Patrick's Lottery

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    17.03 St. Patrick's Lottery

    Hey everyone!

    To make the weekend even brighter we've prepared the first Township Lottery for you, guys!

    Just capture the exact prize you want, show it here — and become one of the 10 luckies to get it! ✨

    Happy St. Patricks Day, Townshippers! 🍀🌈

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    Still hoping for that 100,000 coin

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    This will challenge my technical (lack) of skills.
    Would love coins

    Edited to add YaY

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    Please make my Irish eyes be smiling

    Lucky Lottery.jpg

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    Yay! I'm excited that I figured out how to post this!!Untitled2.jpg
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    Would love a win on St. Patrick's lottery


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    Technically challenged!


    But, I did it!
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    Oh, this would be great!20190317_174236.jpg

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    Here's my lucky pick

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