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Thread: Reserving Regatta task without letting a another coop member delete it.

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    Reserving Regatta task without letting a another coop member delete it.

    I have been playing this game for almost a yr. I love this game. There is one thing that bugs me is that even though I can reserve a task someone can still delete it or even take it. It doesn't bather me so much that someone can take it. It's more frustrating that just one click of the dump button it's gone. I think it should be locked for 12 hrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelica Gamboa View Post
    ...It's more frustrating that just one click of the dump button it's gone. I think it should be locked for 12 hrs.
    It's more than one click. Remind your Coop members to be more attentive.
    There have been a lot of counter-examples for similar suggestions, about blocking the board, esp. when someone reserved a 135 task.

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    We are having the same problem and have had to restrict from next regatta race, demote, or kick players for multiple infractions.

    One suggestion would be to allow leaders to restrict various ranks from being able to delete tasks, as we are able to restrict them from reserving them.
    In my co-op we have sent several group messages on being mindful of taking or deleting reserved tasks. We implemented the following steps for infractions:
    -1st offence, without an apology that it was accidentally deleted, results in being restricted from the next race.
    -2nd infraction is a demotion
    -3rd infraction is being kicked.
    And recently we implemented that only myself and co-leaders are allowed to delete tasks of any kind. Co-leaders are also held to this standard. We have found this to be helpful in alleviating the problem. I monitor all players stats as this aids me in deciding promotions/demotions/kicking, and have enlisted the help of my co-leaders in monitoring them as well. We have very few rules, but teamwork and respect are held to the highest standard and taken seriously. These two rules are paramount in fair and fun gaming. I hope this helps with your co-ops as well.
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    Ok, this is really a big problem but in my Co-Op some members reserve tasks and they start them... hmm... OH, NEVER. So you can just send a message to the Chat and let the (Co-)Leaders know that you can do the reserved task. Now, if it's language problem, and you speak different languages then it's your problem, leave the co-op or if you are the leader kick the members that don't speak your language. But this is a true problem, as Sunny Florida said "Restrict members from deleting tasks".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny Florida View Post
    ..One suggestion to help with this issue is the ability for leaders to restrict the rank level of players to delete tasks, ..
    just cos you quoted my post, so yours was maybe a reply: I stand by my opinion and am against all these restriction wishes. Yes, all, including the restrict from regatta.
    Alone here in this thread, it started with reservations and now expanded to the deletion ability...

    Clear rules, communication (education/learning) in Coop and (if need be) kicking was and is enough IMO.

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    Lock a task? For 12 hours? Oh that would be brilliant in a 30-member co-op where 12 people reserve tasks and something happen like...oh, I don't know...Facebook goes down without warning and players are unable to get into their towns? A lock on a task hurts the team.

    I'll beat a dead horse when I say it, but communication and preset guidelines is the key. (BTW, I am NOT calling DD a dead horse. )

    My co-op has guidelines in place and, without giving away all of our trade secrets, I will part with one small nugget. No tasks may be reserved for more than "x" amount of time, dependent upon the type task that it is.

    Be clear in the rules and if reserving is an issue, eliminate it completely for a few weeks and see if you can get a better process in place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will9455Nikki View Post
    (BTW, I am NOT calling DD a dead horse. )
    well, hopefully you're not giving ppl strange ideas with this sentence... nothing better for contradiction than telling what you do NOT want!
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