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Thread: Canceling Custmer Orders

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    Canceling Custmer Orders

    Searched the forum for this but cannot find an answer.

    Does canceling a customer order negative in anyway (ie : reduced coins etc).

    EX: A customer requests a rubber or plastic product and I have not built those factories yet. Does canceling that order hurt me in anyway ?


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    You can cancel whatever helicopter orders you want. Most people will trash any that don’t offer at least 500 coin (1,000 with booster), or if requested items just take way too long to make.

    You could always request the item from your co-op.

    If it’s a plane or train you can flag it with a help request for someone else to fill.

    If it’s a plane and you don’t want to fill it you can just send it empty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rj-01 View Post
    Does canceling a customer order negative in anyway (ie : reduced coins etc). Thx
    I don't think so. I've been really very picky on the orders for a long time. I never accept anything less than 400, then I look for lucrative offers. Long produced items = I cancel. Mafia guy wanting lingot = cancel. And many others. I even think that this strategy gives you slightly higher chance of good heli contracts, as you are getting them more often (if otherwise you'd spend time to produce the items)
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    For the helicopter orders, the delete button is your best friend.

    I delete order asking for more then 1 of each item, with 1 exception : easy, fast to grow crops like wheat and corn.
    I delete order offering too little. Your minimum amount should increase as you get higher in level.
    I delete some orders if too many ask for the same thing at the same time.
    I delete orders asking the same thing as my next plane.
    I delete orders that ask for products that won't be ready for hours. I use them as a reminder to put some in production but delete them as I can have many orders possibly much easier to fill.
    I delete orders asking for my last long to do item. I prefer to keep it in case my train ask for it. Again, I use that to put somemin production to increase my stock.
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