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    Zoo Will Not Allow Me Complete Orders..Doing Regattas Task`


    I am currently doing the Zoo Order For Regatta. I Am Not Able To Fill Orders. When Click To Complete Receive Following attached Screen Advising Reached Max Orders. Please Help! Thanks!
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    Hi, Bluesville, and welcome to the Forum.

    Did you try tapping the good in question (in your case the plum and the sandwich)? Then there should be a pop-up, telling you hiw much of the item you have in your barn, and a green button with the word „GIVE“. If you press that, the order is filled and you can proceed to the second crate. Or the next order. You can flag three items a day for help, but never two in one crate.

    The „Maximum order reached“ means that you‘ll get no new orders until you fill some old ones. The max is eight, they‘ll stay there forever (don‘t expire, like planes do). When you fill one completely, it takes three hours for the next one to appear.

    I hope this helps

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    Hi Bluesville.. that's normal - you need to tap the item on that pop-up to give it. We only ever get a maximum of 8 orders waiting at a time. Another will arrive every three hours until you again hit 8 outstanding orders.
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