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Thread: 15.03 Spot the Differences Contest

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    I found 10 differences on the animals awesome outfits

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    I spy with my little eye......10 differences also

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    I spot 10 differences, 3 each with the piggie and the sheep and 4 with the cow.

    The trousers of the cow are awesome!!!

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    I would say 11 differences, since the towship logo is only in the mirror.

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    I see ya 11!

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    They are really rocking those new looks! I see 10 differences in the mirror.

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    i see 9 differences

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    I see 10 differences in the mirror.

    I also note the Township sign is "in the mirror" but not on the other side, although I expect that is just a label. I don't think anyone else noticed this, but being super picky, it looks like the sheep's forward foot is partially resting on a dark blue tile in the mirror but a white tile out of the mirror. It doesn't seem obvious enough to be a planned difference, but I can't unsee it!

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    I see 11 differences.

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    I can count 10 differences between the two pictures.

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