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I don’t use it but i have made use of it as a deco so i wish the option was there to keep it. Then those that wanted to could sell it or store it, like the zoo buildings that were actually useful before.
Yep Dunno why at Playrix it always has to be black or white, all (annoying/useful) or nothing.

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...I'm not devastated - its loss gets a micro-hmph from me.
LOL - interesting 'staggering'!

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Oh Yes, Please Can We Keep The Mint!?!
Where should the Akela and its Cubs go now if The Mint cannot even stay as a decoration?
Snif, Snif, time for a petition!
Great story again, in any case! :sunny:

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I’ve posted a few times that I have used it. I wouldn’t say I like it but It doesn’t offend me like some others. ...
yep, the factual view - I guess its vanishing wouldn't change your mood.

well, then this time we have a few pro-voices (more or less *g*) before the fact. Wondering what was commented in beta... but I also remember that in the zoo-change-beta there were contradictions at least in one group, and it didn't help. So, maybe they are more technical checks...