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Thread: SPOILER ALERT!!! Beta Peeks!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!

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    As far as I’m aware, each beta tested update goes through at least two rounds of tests before rollout, more if there are major changes to be made.

    The new zoo was several months between beta and release.

    Hopefully, it comes soon. I’m excited to get my new animals
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    After the, for me, disappointing zoo update I prefer the status quo so hope the beta testing goes on for a very long time. A change is not always for the better. Usually it is just another way to force us to spend money on this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashdust View Post
    The rest of it doesn't worry me too much, the animal hospital looks ok and fingers crossed will give us extra fields. New animals I don't need yet! But I am happy for those who have completed all their animal families.
    One extra field in beta after building, from memory, three extra houses

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    Wow that’s a big update with a lot of new and exciting things (assuming they roll them all out at the same time).

    First even though I’m super excited about the new community building and I do think it looks fantastic, can we all just stop to appreciate the little bit of irony here. Not that long ago the devs released polls for new community buildings I remember vaguely that there was a computer shop, hardware store, billiards hall and something else but it definitely wasn’t an animal hospital. Lol not that I’m complaining I do genuinely like the building and hope they will bring more animal related buildings and decos.

    As for the tool exchange I’m all for it especially if it replaces that hideous, useless mint!

    And as far as new animals go I’m happy for those that have already finished them all but personally, I’m so far from that it’s not even really on my radar.

    Question though, if they are going to add 3 houses are these previous ones we own or are they brand new and are they hideous like 90% of our “apartments” or rather decent....?

    No matter what I’m excited for the changes to come and while some maybe resistant let’s try to remember that these changes are what keeps a game fresh and I think we all want township to stay around for a long time.

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    Those items have always been useful only on barn expansions

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    Slugs, snails, Black Puddings, The Awful green Things from Outer Space, Slimers,?

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    Let's try to guess from the clues what the new animals are: one of them is from a tropical climate, is not a bird, and eats something red. Maybe some kind of monkey or ape , orangutan possibly ? The other one is from a temperate climate, lives in a burrow or cave, and eats what appears to be fruit. Flying fox bats? Red pandas?

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    I actually posted what kind of animals are new in the beta, but looks like my comment was deleted. Ah well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    I first saw leaks of this info (from a group I belong to) on Feb. 23rd. So, this beta has been tested for awhile now. If our Mods are giving us sneak peeks, I assume it is shared from Playrix Admins. Sounds to me like it is probably close to being released.

    Not mentioned here, is that (per the leak I saw earlier) the Tool Exchange replaces the Mint.
    After having the mint sit dormant on the hillside for ages, i finally found a place i like for it—although it’s still dormant lol!
    By “replace” i would guess the mint disappears or does it turn to a deco like the zoo buildings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virginia_Gardens View Post
    … And as far as new animals go I’m happy for those that have already finished them all but personally, I’m so far from that it’s not even really on my radar. ...
    I thought somebody mentioned something animal focused. We have a Canine Center and a Pet Store, I think I can squeeze in an Animal Hospital to go with those.

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