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Thread: Display the members progress on relay tasks

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    Display the members progress on relay tasks

    It would be so helpful to see the relay task progress as shown during interseasonal events. Just for the relay tasks. For example, a race has chosen the helicopter task of completing 25 orders. I have appreciated the fact that I can see my members process of having sent out how many how fast.

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    You have my vote, this would be very nice.
    Or else to be able to check the Full Statistics of every player [ as (Co-)Leader].
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    Can I vote for this more than once? If it can be done for tasks inside chests during interseasonal play, it can't be that far a leap to do it for the relay task. The feedback would be enormously useful.

    Also, I'm not sure others have run into this but a lot of times when players want to know the progress, the chat starts to fill with "how much longer until xxxx is finished so I can take my turn". It doesn't bother me personally but I can see some people might be annoyed with that sort of question. An accurate progress update to the task information would remove the need to do that.

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    Isn't that on the Frequently Suggested Ideas-list, and not only for the Relay tasks?
    (not interested in those, but the status display)

    Be Able to See Task Progress During Seasonal Regattas (as it is for interseasonals, e.g. "2/4 planes sent")

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    Just adding my 👍🏻 on this idea. We’ve had issues with this more in this regatta than in previous races.

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    Adding my voice again too. Would like to see this on all tasks but definitely for relay.
    Forever living in hope lol

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    Add my vote too.
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    I totally agree with the suggestion. It's a good idea to implement

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    I vote against....NOT implementing this idea. Is that helpful?
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