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Downton you have a very lovely town (already left like few weeks ago) and I must say I'm a bit jealous, since you only began one month earlier to play than me, I'm far from that.
I can understand your concerns about simply buying the decos, for this reason I thought about a once in a year sale and only for decorations of the past years, not the current, maybe connected to an extra game or something like that, for people who really yearn for the one or another decoration. It needn' have to be too easy to get them

I decided to put the date I started TS on my name incase I miss a day logging onto the game as an easy reference to how long I've played. Unfortunately it also lets everyone know I spend way to much time playing the game .

Thanks for the compliment and the like, I have just visited your town and returned the favour . I have to say a lot of your town looks really great, esp as you still have land to clear.Honestly I don't think you're as far away in your town from mine as you think. The level you're at now things come together pretty quickly. I think you spend a lot of time on the game also .

Lol, I don't want to sound like a meanie about the regatta decs. I just think there has to be a certain amount of things within a game that are only accrued by a player's longevity. Don't get me wrong I'm not totally against the idea, I just have reservations about it.