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Thread: Mayors need to earn taxes

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    Mayors need to earn taxes

    The concept of being a township mayor is flawed. As a mayor of a town, my citizens must pay me taxes for utilizing the services, goods or buildings i provide.

    Bear in mind, these factories and community buildings are very expensive and the only way to get coins currently, is either to sell goods or help others which is inadequate. I haven't forgotten that this is a money making venture for Playrix but i feel we deserve to have our citizens pay us taxes.

    Some boosters that are given on special occasions should be made permanent so we can activate them when we can afford, eg. the dealer time cut by 50%; the barn booster and we also need a booster that can reduce the ship travel time to the islands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsTweba View Post
    ... we also need a booster that can reduce the ship travel time to the islands.
    Like this one?

    I wish the barn booster was permanent too
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