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My zoo had developped itself; I liked it, with the deco I found fitting for it and children's places and all the animals, in enclosures or outside. The shops were spread out over the whole area.
I then noticed I wouldn't have enough room for the last 6 enclosures.

So, when Playrix did the big change of killing the shops, I put everything "extra" away, re-arranged the existing enclosures in squares (like so many have), left/made room for the last ones and put all the shops in one place, cos they have lost their purpose. Not sure I would have bought them as deco.
Not very inspiring or funny anymore, my zoo. I esp dislike the ugly request bubbles everywhere. As they all ask for 9 items, they won't go away anymore.

The funny or entertaining thing in other zoos were often the names in the books (the animals are all the same). Gone, too.
Sorry to hear you lost your fun in having the zoo, DD.
I just visit the Dideldum zoo and found a really nice spot!
Nothing to do with shops but Wow! An Animal Chessboard in the centre! What a great idea!
Free hint: you could start with the 16 green ornamental bushes and 16 white statues in start position and play both parties.
Then quit moving pieces on a certain moment so it looks like an active chessboard.

Could be a new coop event: playing chess in each other's Zoo while communicating about the next step is on the chat