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    BARN: How do you manage it with new zoo update?

    My barn is ALWAYS full yet I use Helis & dump often. I also give generously. But darn BARN is full yet don't have enough nails to upgrade AND cannot build enclosures because rarely enough slabs, glass and bricks...GRRR! How do you manage please. How many axes, saws & shovels do you keep for future expansions. Any/all suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you PekePaws...Woof!

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    Johnalex Zarco
    What level are you? I am level 62, and I have had this issue before. I find it best to leave things you don't need yet in the factories (the factories can store a certain amount ). I try to expand my town/zoo whenever possible. I have adjusted to the new zoo update rather well, and I much like the new update. I don't ever have enough building materials either.

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    I always have so many building materials (slabs, bricks and glass), over 150 of each. i have a few expansion materials for maybe 3 expansions. i never have enough nails to upgrade barn even though i have plenty of hammer and paint. what i struggle with is coins. i always have so much t-cash but rarely have enough coins. I usually save for one item at a time and then buy that and start again but ugh... also yea i use my factories for extra storage when the barn is full. BTW in level 63.

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    At levels 62 and 63 the key is to buy as you can afford it. Buy the land when you have the tools, buy 1 community building or zoo enclosure at a time. Spend the coins on new factories, after all they make coins.

    Increase your cash flow by using using double heli booster or grow and harvest quick ctops.

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    Would you sell the extra building supplies you don't need?

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