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Thread: 20.10 New Update (Kindle)

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    20.10 New Update (Kindle)

    Dear Kindle players,

    Meet the new holiday update to Township!

    Township is celebrating Halloween:
    * Pumpkins are now available to grow.
    * New recipes are now available for the duration of the Halloween Event: You can produce pumpkin pies, pumpkin chips and a Halloween costume! Hurry up! All these recipes will disappear once Halloween is over.
    * 5 new decorations are now available at the store: Mysterious Castle, Pumpkin Man, Black Cat, and Witch with a Potion.
    * Witches with black cats, wizards, and even Count Dracula are in town! Moreover, you will meet charming Emma the Little Witch!
    * Townspeople have decorated their houses and farms for the holiday!
    * Even animals and birds dressed up in Halloween costumes. Are you ready for Halloween?
    New Features:
    * A new special building is in town: Event Center. Participate in the life of your town's community and earn valuable prizes!
    * A new farm: Apiary. Honey can be used to make delicious and healthy sweets.
    * Now you get to decide which factory attribute you want to improve in the Academy of Industry!
    * Community requested feature: Now train lines can also be upgraded in the Academy of Industry.
    * New recipes: You can produce honey caramels, honey gingerbread, honey marshmellows, gazpacho and books now.
    * A new type of pavement: Pier. The pier allows you to place buildings on the water.
    Balance Improvements:
    * A second Foundry is now available: Production of ingots now becomes twice as efficient!
    * Community requested feature: Most factories have lowered in price.
    * 9 new expansions have been added.
    * Number one fans will appreciate the fourth star of the achievements in the Town Hall. There are new challenges ahead!
    * Time to go shopping: City Market goods have become cheaper!
    * 5 new artifact collections are now available at the Central Museum. Explore the mine and collect all the items!
    Other Improvements:
    * Community requested feature: Now you can store your decorations.
    * You can cancel running changes to an active building in the Edit mode. Building your town got more user-friendly!
    * Decorations have been categorized in the store.
    * Some graphics have been updated and improved.

    We hope all new fear-tures will please you v-eerie much!
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    Jeannette Vilnit
    Where can I locate the event center?

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    Hi Jeannette:

    It is just a large billboard for now, down by the Train Station.
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    How do we get this update? I have none of the items mentioned in your post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PATTI LEVI View Post
    How do we get this update? I have none of the items mentioned in your post.
    Hi Patti and welcome to the forums

    Seem like the automatic update do not work properly on some (or all) Kindle.

    Go to the app store (amazon)
    Search for Township
    Click update
    Restart you kindle and launch township

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    Katie Repik
    Just saw the cutest thing.... Dracula is wandering around, when you tap on him he turns into a little vampire bat.... Too cute!

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    Rick McEntire
    I've seen several Dracula's wandering around, two were fairly close to each other. I like the bats and the witches flying on broomsticks, that's fun and funny.

    The House of Luck graphics are overboard, that wasn't an improvement.

    So Nov 1st, what happens? Thanksgiving? Or Christmas?

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    Rick, we are still figuring that out. I will let you guys know as soon as everything is settled!

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    Rick McEntire
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuen Pham View Post
    Rick, we are still figuring that out. I will let you guys know as soon as everything is settled!
    Fantastic! I'm waiting to hear, as I imagine many others are.

    Now that my town is updated, I have lots of pumpkin pie for you. Remember, you get free pie.

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    Misty Smith Herman
    I still can not update on my Kindle. I have looked on Amazon and can't find an update link. Any suggestions? I can't get on any of my friend's farms.

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