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Thread: 05.03 The Pirate Season is LIVE: Relay Tasks Guide

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    I know that you all have said that there is nothing you can do about the tasks that come up but maybe there is. This is for those of us that do only 135 points tasks. It is aggravating that we must wait 30 min for a task to come only to see that it’s worth 101 or less. I am positive that the algorithm used to cycle through the tasks that come up can be fixed. Let say a graduation of upgrades to it. Or maybe a separate algorithm for those that have made it to level 82. This is where the tasks will go no lower than 125. An upgrade like a gift that is sent to us. This would definitely separate the younger players from the older players so I guess it could cause an uproar but if you set as a goal to meet maybe it could work. And for those who don’t find out about it until they hit level 82 they would be pleasantly surprised. Would love to get anyone thoughts on this idea

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    An upgrade would be a lovely idea, but not quite sure how it would work in practice.

    First the whole co-op shares one task board, so when would this happen? If it is when your lowest level player hits the threshold this would be seriously harmful as co-ops would maybe stop accepting low level players and for me, being in a co-op with higher level players has taught me a lot, and still is even though I am now in the nineties level wise.

    Second as you say this would cause an uproar. We already see a lot of players asking for co-ops to be matched by level as well as player numbers, this I am sure would increase.

    Plus with dump penalties for the Global Leaderboard how would that work?

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    I'd be happier if Playrix stopped considering anything over 115 points to be "high" and upped it to 120, and then slightly increased the number of 135s we can have at any given time. That would help.
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