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Thread: The door should swing both ways

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    Perhaps it is something to do w/ FB.

    I don't use it, so I can't say for sure. Only thought I would have is submitting a ticket in-game and see what happens.

    Sorry my info wasn't beneficial.

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    Thanks for getting me to go thru that process again. It prompted the thought that maybe it's FB related.

    I just did a search on my FB friends. They are both FB friends. I didn't recognise them, as I realise now they were just people who play township who had sent me a friend request via FB and I accepted. I don't know them, so didn't recognise them. The only connection is Township.

    Problem solved I'll just unfriend them. Don't know them and they no longer seem to play LOL

    I don't know why the don't have the little FB icon in my Township list. All the others do.

    Edit: Just seen your above post. As I said it turned out beneficial. Even if indirect. So a team effort and solution. Thanks
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