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    How do I delete the zoo?

    Ever since I opened the zoo I cannot get the materials I need to build the township buildings… I get plenty of concrete slabs and bricks but I cannot get windows… I’ve gotten two full train orders of three trains each and the first one did not have any windows and the second one had 1 when I need 10 to finish the one building. I read the helpful hint of not building too many buildings at once so I was only building one at a time then I started a second building hoping I would get more windows but that also did not work. All I want to do is delete the zoo so that I can go back to getting windows and being able to build the township.

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    Unfortunately, once opened, the zoo can't be closed again.
    What you can try though, is to choose a building (in the zoo or in town) that you want to finish first, and keep only the necessary materials for that building, deleting all the excess. Once it's completed, move on to the next, and keep in mind to only build one at the time from now.
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    Well you wouldn't be able to do the zoo tasks in the Regattas.... bad or good thing?

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