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Thread: [Emulators] Cannot build, cannot access Regatta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyvaldra View Post
    Can't you play it via Parallel Space app or did they shut this method down too?
    I would assume it still works, haven't tried it, but as many who used an emulator to play, i also used it because i wanted a larger screen, i had a monitor on which my town was displayed almost 24/7. Was much easier to type and chat with other co-op members (as i hate virtual keyboards so much), and had other advantages.
    My other town is now deleted, and i have no interest anymore to start over on a different mobile device, or even the same one as my other town.
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    Maintenance since 36 hours! Nice Job Playrix

    I cant visit friends
    i cant build something

    i can play but im not connected!

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    Yes same thing happened to me at least now i know why. Very frustrated i put a lot of time and money into this game. I have arthritis in my shoulder and back and i find it hard to play on a smaller screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deb1234 View Post
    Yes same thing happened to me at least now i know why. Very frustrated i put a lot of time and money into this game. I have arthritis in my shoulder and back and i find it hard to play on a smaller screen.
    yea i dont like small screens because my hands are shaky and its hard for me to use touch screen but i have a bit better control with a mouse.
    i really wanna know why they thought this was a good idea to do.

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    Angry Are you kidding me?!?

    Until the other day, this game was working just fine inside Bluestacks 4.0... You mean to tell me that we have all wasted our time building up our towns, connecting to Facebook and intstead of having some sort of notice in the game notification system that those playing on Emulators will no longer be able to use full functions... You simply bail on us?

    As everything worked until the other day when it mysteriously quit, it must have been a deliberate action, so a notification would have been appreciated...

    I play Home, Garden Scapes and Fishdom too... Does that mean we can expect those games to simply quit working correctly as well? I would really like to know so that I can uninstall every game so that all my time invested is wasted, but also so that I do not waste anymore time.
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    I won't continue playing either. I was nearly on level 70 and your site said to uninstall it and reload and I won't lose anything. I have played on my computer using Bluestacks for at least 8 months with no issues. NOW you don't support those. Well obviously you blocked the emulators. Shame on you! All the money I've spent playing this game for what? To start over. NO thanks. I'll be sure never to play any of your games again. I'm not going to try and play on my phone. Screen is much too small. I had 80 in game dollars ...all for what. Waste of money...I wasted my real money. Sad for everyone that can't play anymore.

    Quote Originally Posted by Castle View Post
    Hi dreadnought, I will not continue playing. in the cell phone, only played to supply the factories, fill the trains, etc. to decorate, position building streets, for me it has to be on big screen. lost the joy of playing. I saw those monumental cities of all the older players and thought: I'll get there, my city will stay the way I want it ... never a small screen will work. I'm sad about the friends I made in the coop, I helped a lot, I played several times in the HOL, and I had 500 tcash reserved .. a pity that it happened. I will not delete the city, if I ever synchronize again with the emulator, I'll come back.

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    I would really be interested in why so suddenly an emulator is no longer supported. :-( I have also just recently invested real money, as this game is actually very cute. A tablet or even my smartphone is absolutely not an option, because I have problems with my eyes and everything blurs very easily, if too small. And sorry for my bad english, german is my mother tongue.

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    I prefer using a Windows laptop PC to play Township via the NOX Android Emulator. First, it assists in typing quickly to Co-op members, as the full-size keyboard works best -- especially since the mouse can't be utilized to go back to a certain area in the text line; only backspacing works to correct errors. Second, while playing via NOX, the laptop's full screen isn't required, so the laptop may be used to surf the internet, watch movies, etc. while Township is still open. Third, I prefer a larger screen (as others mentioned above) to play Township. Finally, I am an old-school gamer; I don't wish to hold my Android smartphone in my hand for extended periods of time, as I mostly use my smartphone for texting, phone calls, and occasionally pictures.

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    I would really like to understand why it is not possible to play using an emulator. I hate using cell phones to play games! I will also let this game go as I have no intention to play it elsewhere.

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    Same here. Thanks.

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