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Thread: [Emulators] Cannot build, cannot access Regatta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deb1234 View Post
    i do have my game on a tablet but find it difficult to play . I have a bad back and shoulder so using a mouse and keyboard on bluestacks made it easy now
    There are USB-powered and Bluetooth rechargeable keyboards available to purchase. Granted, the rechargeable Bluetooth keyboards that I've seen have a condensed keyboard length. For instance, I've seen one model that's created for an iPad Mini, whereas the keyboard layout is the length of the iPad Mini; therefore be cautious if you're accustomed to a full-size keyboard as the actual keys are a bit closer together. As for using a Bluetooth keyboard made for a brand that isn't your device, there shouldn't be a problem as Bluetooth is universal (its own company, if you will) ... it might require some adjustments in the device's settings/permissions, but it should pair with any brand of tablet or smartphone. One last thing, there are different Bluetooth versions, so look at your device's manual to see what Bluetooth version it supports; the last time I've noticed, Bluetooth has 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 if your device supports 3.0 (I believe) then any Bluetooth device would work.

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    Feel so bad for u guys, I would also be completely gutted to lose all I've the time n money I've invested to be betrayed so callously...quite shocking n unnerving for us all!!

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    ATTENTION: Not sure what has happened, but my bluestacks is working this morning, its has not sync my accounts as of yet, but at least I can play, the sad part is I missed the special buy on Tcash I REALLY REALLY HOPE my game sync's today, that would be the icing on the cake for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kassy View Post
    ATTENTION: Not sure what has happened, but my bluestacks is working this morning, its has not sync my accounts as of yet, but at least I can play.
    Sure you can play, you always could. Thats not the problem. The syncing is the issue. Without syncing it's still not possible to contact the coop or help them out.
    But you are right, at least constructing buildings is possible again now. I don't know why this works now, let's hope Playrix is changing its mind.
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    !!! There really is progress !!! Woodcock as I am, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game in Bluestacks, but nothing worked anymore. The game restarts at the beginning level 1... and we couldn’t place any more buildings. And now it works!!!! Thank you PLAYRIX ! All that’s missing is the synchronization with my account so I can get my town back !! I hope, I hope !! One more little effort PLAYRIX please, and everything will work again as before on Windows, in Bluestacks ! Thank you very much ! Titinette

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    Heu.. sorry for the big caracter

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    Emulator(Bluestacks) sadly do not work now n Playrix ruined a favorite game by doing

    Having a bad neck I cannot look down at phone for anytime without pain...I used to play game all day on PC which is at eye level now i can only play for couple minutes at a time...I understand you could not guarantee sync with emulator always but in nearly 3 years it was not a problem...this was something done purposely by Playrix to make sure it did not work with emulators...I know I won't get my money back I have spent but surely want it now ..took a beloved game and made it a 1 rating to me now cause of your deliberate act in making it how it is now...sad days tor me now.

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    When I found this out, I just quit the game. I even took the time to purge all of my data and delete my town. I've been playing Township for over 200 days and I DO pay money. Spend at least $15 a month on it because I honestly thought it was worth it because the game was good and I felt the developers should get paid. I feel betrayed by these actions.

    I always knew that there were a few graphical issues with the game on the emulator (I can't see boats or helicopters) but I dealt with it because I needed to play it on my laptop, I can't see it on my phone, too small, so I dealt with those few issues and never complained because Playrix made it clear they don't support emulators.

    But this is different. This was purposeful. They purposefully disabled features of the game to FORCE people to stop using emulators. They PUNISHED us by making it impossible to sync. And for what reason? I wasn't cheating, I wasn't doing anything wrong, I didn't have any advantage playing on an emulator. If anything, I had a worse experience because I couldn't see the boats or helicopters.

    To take my money month after month and then completely disable my experience is tantamount to thievery. I will never play another Playrix game ever again and I encourage anyone affected by this to do the same. I've already told other people that I know who play the game what happened to me so they can be informed and I'm encouraging everyone I know to stop using Playrix products. I highly suggest everyone do the same. The only way to to make voices heard is to affect their pocketbooks.

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    Hi guys,

    Unfortunately, we don't provide support for emulated versions of the game due to technical reasons. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Kindly note that if you're using an emulator you won't be able to use social communication features such as Regatta and Co-op and sync your game progress with your Android device.

    Please have in mind that if you reinstall the game on your emulator, your progress and purchases can be irretrievably lost (in the emulated version, the mobile version on your Android device is safe). We strongly advise considering this info before making any purchases via emulators.

    Thank you for understanding.


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