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Thread: [Emulators] Issues with connecting and server maintenance?

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    I'm on bluestacks too, I was building the coop building when all of a sudden, I could not access my friends' town. It was spinning. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and I was put to the tutorial at level 0, town lost. I began it, and it has blocked at the backery building, almost for 11 hours from now. I tried Bluestacks, Andy, NoxPlayer, all the same. And I cannot report through the game too.
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    Dread asked earlier in the thread of people were using an emulator.

    Just to clarify: using an emulator means you are playing the mobile game on a Windows platform, using a program like Blue stacks, Box, Andy, etc.
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    Hi, I have the same problem. I'm playing in Blue Stacks too and I Don't have the regatta, friends, and the co-op is searching.
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    I've received today an answer telling me there is no support for emulator, which I understand, but as the problem appeared also on Android tablets, maybe we can have an answer how to make Township work again?
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    I'm on board; with both Nox and BlueStacks behaving the same as everyone here has desribed.
    I'm stuck on tutorial and can't return my town back.
    Hope this is only technical issues being solved soon and all of us will be able to play whether on emulators or mobile devices normally again

    But would be great if Township staff confirms or denies if emulators been banned

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    If I uninstall and reinstall the game, it's starts again from the beginning. Access to the shop does not work !


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    Hi, guys,

    Kindly note that we don't provide support for versions of the game run through emulators. If you're using such software, you won't be able to use social communication features such as Regatta and Co-op.

    If you're playing both on PC through an emulator and on actual Android device (tablet or phone), you won't be able to sync your progress anymore. If you reinstall the game on your emulator, you'll have to start from scratch (in the emulated version, the mobile version on your Android device is safe).

    If you use ONLY an actual Android device and have the described issues with your game, kindly contact me in a PM.

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